One of the wonderful things about the University of Chicago is that EVERYONE has to take mathematics (or demonstrate that you have already completed sufficient coursework elsewhere).

Most students complete this requirement by taking one of our calculus sequences. Three very different calculus sequences are offered. Look here to discover the difference.

Some students will complete their common core math requirement in a non-calculus sequence. The math department offers Math 11200 as an alternative to calculus.

For those of you considering the honors calculus sequence (Math 16100-16200-16300), look here for answers to frequently asked questions.

For information about the honors mathematics sequence (Math 20700-20800-20900), and an application for admission, please click here (PDF, updated May 27, 2015).

Of course, some of you have already finished your common core requirements, and are thinking about taking more advanced courses in mathematics (PDF, updated May 20, 2014).

You can also view all mathematics course descriptions in the college catalog.

For a complete listing of mathematics class meeting times and professors, look in the college time schedules. There is also a schedule of final exams.