Opportunities and Extracurricular Activites in the Undergraduate Mathematics Program

The Department of Mathematics sponsors meetings of the student-run Undergraduate Mathematics Club. Each quarter, the Math Club meets weekly in the afternoon, with talks by undergraduates and refreshments (sometimes even pizza).

Interested in getting some teaching experience? There are two volunteer opportunities for you on and near campus. The Department has a Young Scholars Program for Mathematically Talented junior High School and High School Students (hereafter known as YSP). This program mostly works with students from local Chicago Public Schools. While the main activity of this program is in the Summer, the academic year component meets four Saturday mornings each academic quarter from 9:30 until noon in Eckhart Hall. Volunteers will attend a presentation, and then lead a small problem solving session with the students. Alternatively, you might want to join the tutoring folks with the Neighborhood Schools Program (NSP). See http://nsp.uchicago.edu/mission.html for more information.

The Putnam Exam on the first Saturday of December promises to be its usual challenging day of mathematical experience. Practices are once a week. Anyone with the least bit of interest is welcome to join in the torture...er... fun. Watch this space for an announcement of practice times.

Student memberships in the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) are available at a reduced rate through the University of Chicago Student Chapter. Benefits of membership in this professional society include subscriptions to journals and reduced prices on books published by the MAA. If you are interested, please see Jitka Stehnova. Jitka also has membership information for the Association for Women in Mathematics.

Notices for Mathematics Majors

Want to receive email from the Mathematics Department? Join our mailing list by sending an email request to Jitka Stehnova. Include your intended year of graduation so she can add you to the appropriate list.

Are you a fourth year? If so, you need to see John Boller or Jitka Stehnova to make sure that your degree requirements are in order. This will help avoid last minute terror (on your part and ours) and will give us a chance to find out what your plans for the future are...if you have them.

Are you hoping to attend graduate school in mathematics or a related field? Watch for an announcement about our annual graduate school meeting featuring information about the application procedure, advice about letters of recommendation, and particular information about programs in mathematics, computer science, statistics, and financial mathematics.

Several fellowships are available to students doing graduate work in mathematics and related fields. Application deadlines vary, so see John Boller or Jitka Stehnova for detailed information.