The University of Chicago's Young Scholars summer program offers mathematically talented seventh through twelfth graders an opportunity to explore mathematics that are not generally taught in schools.

The aim of the program is to strengthen the participants' mathematical powers through a deep experience in mathematical thought and effort. Our intention is to broaden and enrich the students' understanding of mathematics rather than to accelerate them through the standard high school curriculum. Students are encouraged to engage in active problem solving and are challenged to broaden their understanding of mathematics.

The deadline for summer applications has passed. We will notify applicants if they were or were not accept by mail in early May.

During the academic year, the Young Scholars Program collaborates with Math Circles of Chicago. We share the same vision of providing quality instruction and promoting students' appreciation of mathematics. Math Circles of Chicago meet in several locations throughout the Chicago area.

We are proud to host Math Circles in the University of Chicago's Mathematics Department on Saturday afternoons. The program is free, but does require registration and acceptance. Please explore their website for program information, meeting dates, registration, and much more.

The Young Scholars Program
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