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Applications for the Summer are now up! Applications for incoming students are due May 16th.

Note: There is a mistake on some older printed versions of the applications that misstate the grades that each component is targeted towards. The correct statement should be that each component considers the grade that the student will enter in the fall. Hence the 9-10 component is for students currently in grades 8 and 9, and the 11-12 component is for students currently in grades 10 and 11.

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The Young Scholars Program offers mathematically talented seventh through twelfth graders an opportunity to explore mathematics that are not generally taught in schools. Students are encouraged to engage in active problem solving and are challenged to broaden their understanding of mathematics.

All programs take place on the University of Chicago campus, near the intersection of 57th Street and University Ave. Students should come to Eckhart Hall. See map.

A general overview of the program as well as scheduling and application information can be found on this site. Use the navigation strip above. If you can not find the information you need or have a specific question, you can reach the program staff by email at

All interested students, parents, and teachers are encouraged to Join Our Mailing List.