(first published in Southerly quarterly, December 1993)

PANTOPIATM Entertainment Systems
(a subsidiary of CASTLES IN SPAINTM inc.) present:
The LATEST in simulated Utopian fantasy!
(for use with PANTOPIATM CortImpTM and Super CortImpTM hardware)

Experience TOTAL REALISM with electrical stimulation DIRECT to the PRIMARY SENSORY CORTICES! (including the PANTOPIATM HaptImpTM available in March which providex the SENSATION OF TOUCH directly to the Primary Haptic Cortex). AUGMENT your simulated intellectual and physical attributes with ALL NEW CoProcessors, including 42830010: "The Albert Einstein"; 42830012: "The William Shakespeare"; 42830016: "The Arnold Schwarzenegger" and 42830018: "The Elle McPherson" (42830014: "The Michael Jackson" has been withdrawn pending a Supreme Court decision). ALTER your emotions through chemical moderation of the Limbic System!

PANTOPIATM Entertainment Systems offer you the chance to enjoy PERFECTION! Since everybody's idea of Utopia is different, we at PANTOPIATM cater to the INDIVIDUAL, offering a BIGGER range of virtual environments than any of our competitors. Why turn to television, literature etc. for your fantasies when you can experience the ULTIMATE in interactive media!

For patrons over eighteen years of age, the PORNOTOPIATM range of modules are also available. All PANTOPIATM modules are designed to be employed in the PRIVACY of your own home! Our service is discreet and absolutely confidential, and satisfaction is GUARANTEED!

The following modules are NEW for January 2003:

Note: PANTOPIATM, CortImpTM and Super CortImpTM are registered trademarks of CASTLES IN SPAINTM inc., and any unauthorised use of these trademarks will be summarily prosecuted.