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This session will be held jointly with the Computability Theory and Applications Online Seminar.

DATE: Tuesday, December 8th, 2020

TIME: 3:00 - 4:00 PM Central

SPEAKER: Linda Westrick - The Pennsylvania State University

Luzin's (N) and randomness reflection

We show that a computable real-valued function f has Luzin's property (N) if and only if it reflects Π11-randomness, if and only if it reflects Δ11-randomness relative to Kleene's O, and if and only if it reflects Kurtz randomness relative to Kleene's O.  Here a function f is said to reflect a randomness notion R if whenever f(x) is R-random, then x is R-random as well.  If additionally f is known to have bounded variation, then we show f has Luzin's (N) if and only if it reflects weak-2-randomness, and if and only if it reflects Kurtz randomness relative to 0'.  This links classical real analysis with algorithmic randomness.  Joint with Arno Pauly and Liang Yu.

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