Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Seminars are on Wednesdays, at 4:00 PM, in Eckhart 203, unless indicated otherwise.

Talks scheduled so far for the spring quarter are:

April 4

Arthur Ogus (UC Berkeley)
Higgs cohomology, p-curvature, and the Cartier operator

April 11

Mark Dickinson (University of Michigan)
Taylor-Wiles at 2 and icosahedral Artin representations

April 18

There will be no talk this week, so as not to conflict with
the Albert lectures being delivered by Carlos Simpson.

April 25

The seminar will not meet on this day.
Edward Witten (IAS and Caltech) is delivering a
special seminar at Northwestern University on this day.

May 2

Ciprian Borcea (Rider University )
Polygon spaces, special Lagrangians, and mirror symmetry

May 16

Vadim Vologodski (Harvard University)
On p-adic integration

May 23

Dmitry Kaledin (Moscow)
Symplectic McKay correspondence

May 30

Vasudevan Srinivas (Tata Institute)
Zero-cycles on singular varieties

June 7

Kristin Lauter (Microsoft)
The minimum or maximum number of points
on genus 3 curves over finite fields

Please contact Matthew Emerton ( if you have questions or suggestions for speakers.