Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Seminars are usually on Wednesdays, 4:00 PM, in Eckhart 203.

January 5

Harry Tamvakis (University of Pennsylvania)
Height formulas for homogeneous varieties

January 12

No meeting scheduled

January 19

No meeting scheduled

January 26

No meeting scheduled

February 2

No meeting scheduled

February 9

No meeting scheduled

February 16

Mihnea Popa (University of Michigan)
Effective base point freeness on moduli spaces of vector bundles on curves

February 18 Colloquium talk

William Fulton (University of Michigan)
Eigenvalues of sums of Hermitian matrices and related problems

February 23

Ivan Cheltsov (Johns Hopkins University)
On smooth quintic fourfold

March 1

Jack Morava (Johns Hopkins University)
Topological gravity in dimensions two and four

March 3 Colloquium talk

Karen Smith (University of Michigan)
A New look at the singularities in Mori's program

March 8

No meeting scheduled