MATH 331-1: MENU: Abstract Algebra
Fall 2008/2009

Instructor: Frank Calegari

MWThF 10:00 am Lunt 104
Although lectures will generally take place on MWF and discussion sections on Thursdays, there may be some deviations
from this schedule, so please pay careful attention to the detailed list of Reading and Homework Assignments.


07/25/08: The web page for 331-1 is now fully operational. Welcome!

07/25/08: Please STAPLE the pages of your homework together.

10/25/08: A practice midterm is available here.

11/25/08: Practice problems for the final are now available here.

12/11/08: Sample Exam problems with solutions: here.

12/12/08: Final Exam Solutions here.

11/15/08: Play the 15-puzzle.

What is Math 331?

Math 331 is an honors-level course in abstract algebra taught at a high level of abstraction. Its subject matter (groups, rings, fields, etc.) is similar to that of Math 330, but there is a greater emphasis in 331 on proving theorems, by the students themselves as well as by the instructor. A good deal of the learning will come from the weekly problem sets, and students in 331 should be prepared to devote considerable time to them.

During the first 2 weeks of class, students may move from 331 to 330. Thus it is especially important that students dive into the course material immediately to ascertain whether they belong in 331 or not.

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