Geometry/Topology Seminar

Thursdays at 3:00PM, in 308 Eckhart.

Fall 2000

October 5
Jeff Brock, U. Chicago
The Weil-Petersson metric and the geometry of hyperbolic 3-manifolds

October 12
Adam Coffman, Indiana Purdue, Fort Wayne
CR singular immersions of complex projective spaces

October 19
Robert Zimmer, U. Chicago
Actions of Q-points of algebraic groups on smooth manifolds

October 26
Danny Calegari, Harvard University
Useful branched surfaces which carry nothing

November 2
Dan Grossman U. Chicago
The method of equivalence, path geometries, and some ODE systems that are integrable at high-order


November 7, Special Time: 2:30 PM, Room 202
S.G. Dani , Tata Institute
Large sets of exceptional geodesics

November 9
Andrzej Zuk , ENS Lyon
On a conjecture of Atiyah

November 16
Michael Cowling , University of New South Wales
Generalisations of conformality

November 30
Kenneth Bromberg , University of Michigan
Projective strucutres with degenerate holonomy

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