Geometry/Topology Seminar

Thursdays at 3:00PM, in 308 Eckhart.

Spring 2002

March 28,
Jeff Brock, U. Chicago
Cone-manifolds and Ahlfors' measure conjecture.

April 4
Heather Johnston, Vassar College
Bounded surgery, coarse borel and non-uniformly contractible spaces.

April 11, 2:00-3:00, E202 (special time and place)
Diarmuid Crowley , MPI Bonn
Quadratic Z-modules, Kreck monoids and the classification of highly connected manifolds.

April 11, 3:00-4:00, E308
Eugenie Hunsicker, Lawrence University
An L² Hodge Theorem for manifolds with fibred boundaries.

April 18
Paul Kirk, Indiana
The Atiyah-Patodi-Singer rho invariant and splittings of manifolds.

April 25, 3:00-4:00, E308
Chris Connell, U. of Chicago
Equivariant retracts and decompositions of hyperbolic manifolds.

April 29, 2:30-3:30PM in Eckhart 206 (Special time and place).
Ashley Reiter Ahlin, U. of Chicago
The large scale geometry of nilpotent-by-cyclic groups.

May 16
Tadeusz Januskiewicz, Binghamton/Wroclow
On hyperbolic coxeter groups.

May 23
Regina Rotman, Courant
Estimates for the length of a shortest closed geodesic.

June 4, 2:00-3:00, E308
Dave Witte, Oklahoma State University
Some ideas in the proof of Ratner's Theorem

June 6, 2:00-3:00, E308
John McCarthy, Michigan State University
On the first cohomology group of cofinite subgroups in surface mapping class groups.

June 6, 3:00-4:00, E308
Bill Vautaw, Michigan State University
Automorphisms of the Torelli group in genus 3.

June 11, 3:00-4:00 E308 (special time)
Nikolai Ivanov, Michigan State University
Comlexes of curves and mapping class groups

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