Geometry/Topology Seminar

Thursdays at 3:00PM, in 308 Eckhart.

Spring 2003

April 3,
Ken Bromberg, California Institute of Technology
Geometric inflexibility and 3-manifolds that fiber over the circle

April 10,
Leo Butler, Northwestern University
The Toda Lattice, Positive-Entropy Integrable Systems and Transcendental Numbers

April 17,
Daniel Groves, University of Oxford
Obstructions to word-hyperbolicity and mapping tori of free group endomorphisms

April 21, 1:30pm in Eckhart 202 (Special day)
Kim Ruane, Tufts University
Boundaries of CAT(0) spaces (and groups!)

April 24,
No seminar

May 1,
Daniel Biss, University of Chicago
Decomposing Out(F_n)

May 8,
Dan Margalit, University of Chicago
Algebra vs. topology in mapping class groups

May 15,
Ian Agol, University of Illinois at Chicago
Survey on volume bounds of hyperbolic 3-manifolds and orbifolds

May 22,
Mark Sapir, Vanderbilt University
Diagram groups of directed 2-complexes, spaces of positive paths, homology and homotopy

May 29,
Jeff Brock, University of Chicago
The density conjecture, strong convergence, and the taming of hyperbolic 3-manifolds

June 4, 1:30 pm in Eckhart 202 (Special Day!)
Michael Handel, CUNY Lehman College
Dynamics in Out(F_n) - Part I

June 5,
Michael Handel, CUNY Lehman College
Dynamics in Out(F_n) - Part II

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