Geometry/Topology Seminar

Thursdays at 3:00PM, in 308 Eckhart.

Winter 2002

January 10, special room and extended time: the Barn, 2:00PM-5:00PM
Curt McMullen, Harvard
Coxeter groups and Salem numbers.

January 18, 21, 22
Unni Namboodiri Lectures in Geometry and Topology
David Gabai , Caltech and Princeton
Geometric and Topological Rigidity of Hyperbolic 3-manifolds.

January 24,
Peter Brinkmann, UIUC
Mapping tori of free group automorphisms.

January 31,
Chris Connell, U. Chicago
Rigidity of boundary quasiconformal structures.

February 7,
Andrzej Zuk, U. Chicago
Automata groups.

February 14,
Nicolas Monod, U. Chicago
Examples of super-rigidity for general irreducible lattices.

February 21,
Jeff Brock, U. Chicago
Cone-manifolds and Ahlfors' measure conjecture. (Cancelled)

February 26, 3:00 E308 (Special Tuesday meeting)
Koji Fujiwara, Tohoku University
Bounded cohomology of subgroups of mapping class groups.

March 7,
Ben Martin, Hebrew University
The geometry of character varieties.

March 8, special lecture, E202, 1:30-3:30
Bill Goldman, Maryland
Topology versus dynamics on moduli spaces.

March 14, special time & room: E206, 2:00-3:00
Robert Brooks, MIT and Technion
The Quark Model of a Riemann Surface.

Spring 2002

March 28,
Jeff Brock, U. Chicago
Cone-manifolds and Ahlfors' measure conjecture.

April 4
Heather Johnston, Vassar College
Bounded Surgery, Coarse Borel and Non-Uniformly Contractible Spaces

April 11
Eugenie Hunsicker,

April 18
Paul Kirk, Indiana

June 6, 2:00-3:00
John McCarthy , Michigan State University

June 6, 3:00-4:00
Bill Vautaw , Michigan State University

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