MATH 270--- Spring, 2011
Basic Complex Variables  
TT 10:30 -- 11:50, 203 Eckhart
Greg Lawler, 415 Eckhart, lawler at
GL office hourse for this course: Thur 4:30 -- 5:30 and by appointment
College Fellow: Robin Walters

An introduction to complex analysis for students who have had (the equivalent of) the 203-205 analysis sequence. We will cover most of the material from the first ten chapters of the text.


Lang, Complex Analysis

CHALK site

There will be a CHALK site for the course. Assignments and announcements will be posted there.

Homework assignments

There will be weekly homework exercises due on Tuesdays. The assignment will cover material from the lectures of the previous week. Copies of the HW assignments will be available on the CHALK page. Students may discuss the exercises among themselves, but all write-ups must be done individually. Late HWs will not be accepted.


There will be a midterm exam on Thursday, April 28. There will be a final examination during the examination period. (Graduating seniors will take a different exam during the last week of classes.) The grading will be based (approximately) on: FINAL EXAM (35%), MIDTERM (30%), HOMEWORKS (35%).