MATH 314 --- Spring 2011
Analysis III: Complex Analysis and Probability 
MWF 9:30 -- 10:20 , 206 Eckhart
Greg Lawler , 415 Eckhart,
e-mail: lawler at
Office Hours for this course: 4:30 -- 5:30 Tuesdays and by appointment


There will be no text for the course. For complex variables, I will be using some of the standard texts: Rudin, Real and Complex Analysis; Lang, Complex Analyis; Ahlfors, Complex Analysis. However, I will not follow any one so much that you should feel compelled to purchase the book. For probability, I will distribute notes.


This web page will not be updated during the quarter. There will be a CHALK site for this course. This is where homework assignments, the probability notes, and any class announcements will appear.

Plans for the course

The first (approximately) half of this course will be an introduction to complex analysis. I will be going at a relatively fast pace appropriate for students who have had an undergraduate course in the subject. Students who do not have this background and want more detail are welcome to sit in on my undergraduate course Math 270, which is 10:30 -- 11:50 TT. There will be an in-class midterm on complex variables during the sixth week of class. Students who do not do sufficiently well on this exam will be asked to sit for my undergraduate class final exam during the final exam period.

The second half of the course will be an introduction to probability. The final week will bring the two subjects together by discussing the Dirichlet problem and harmonic functions. There will be a take-home final problem set on the second half of the material in lieu of an in-class final examination.


There will be weekly homework exercises due on Wednesdays. That assignment will cover material from the lectures of the previous week. There will be a midterm in the sixth week of class on complex variables and a take-home final problem set. Students may work together on homework exercises EXCEPT FOR THE FINAL PROBLEM SET, but must write-up their work separately.