MATH 371--Winter 2010
Gaussian fields and loop measures 
TT 1:50 -- 3:20 , 206 Eckhart
Greg Lawler , 415 Eckhart,
e-mail: lawler at

This course will be two parts. In the beginning, I will lecture on some recent research areas in math, emphasizing "loop measures" and relations to the Gaussian free field. There will be no text. The main references will be discussed in class (and may change as the course develops). The first topic will be from Chapter 9 of my (with Vlada Limic) upcoming book on random walk. The second part of the course will be presentations of research papers by members of the class. These will be negotiated later. They do not have to be very closely related to the work I discuss.

Links to papers discussed in class

Random Walk: A Modern Introduction . We will cover only Chapter 9.

Here are the rough notes on my notes on Le Jan's paper [last updated February 23]