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University of Chicago VIGRE REU 2011

Matthew Morrow's notes ``Number theory: Reciprocity and polynomials''

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Lecture notes for TQFT's (Updated and collated))

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Maryanthe Malliaris's pointers to REU paper topics

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Laszlo Babai's summer 2011 REU page

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Past notes and reading materials about finite spaces

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Guides to writing papers (Steve Kleiman and Dan Kleitman, MIT)

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  • Another useful guide: READ THIS TOO (pdf)

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  • Carsen Berger. On some aspects of the theory of monads (pdf)
  • Joshua Bosshardt. The Hopf degreee theorem (pdf)
  • Benjamin Boyajian. Dedekind domains and the ideal class group (pdf)
  • James Buchanan. Poincar\'e's theorem for Fuchsian groups (pdf)
  • William Chan. Reverse mathematics of topology (pdf)
  • Je-ok Choi. The method of stationary phase (pdf)
  • Jahan Aden Claes. Spectral rigidity on $\mathbb{T}^n$ (pdf)
  • Hannah Constantin. Markov chains and queueing theory (pdf)
  • Joseph DiCapua. On the Chebyshev polynomials (pdf)
  • Elden Elmanto. $2$-Dimensional lattice topological field theories (pdf)
  • Jonathan Gleason. From Classical to Quantum: the $F^*$-algebraic Approach (pdf)
  • Rebecca Hoberg. Knots and braids (pdf)
  • Rowan Jacobs. Forcing (pdf)
  • Watson Ladd. The use of Martingales (pdf)
  • Andrew Mackie-Mason. The $h$-cobordism theorem (pdf)
  • Andrei Markov. Regular polytopes in $\mathbb{Z}^n$ (pdf)
  • David McDiarmid. Binary tree-structured partition and classification schemes (pdf)
  • Jeremy McKey. Homotopy groups of spheres (pdf)
  • Dileep Menon. B\'ezout's Theorem for Curves (pdf)
  • Paige North. Some degenerate weak categories (pdf)
  • David Ramsey. The sensitivity conjecture and the complexity of Boolean functions (pdf)
  • Nick Ramsey. Many generic automorphisms (pdf)
  • Jay Shah. Vector fields on spheres (pdf)
  • Ben A. Sherwood. Frobenius' theorem (pdf)
  • Abhinav Shrestha. Representations of semisimple Lie algebras (pdf)
  • Bradly Stadie. Tools from harmonic analysis (pdf)
  • Maxwell Stolarski. Brownian motion (pdf)
  • Yan Shuo Tan. On the diameter of Cayley graphs of finite groups (pdf)
  • Alex Tolish. The effect of gravitational radiation on the observational period of pulsars. (pdf)
  • Evan Turner. The $p$-adic numbers and finite field extensions of $\mathbf{Q}_p$ (pdf)
  • Weston Ungemach. Sobolev spaces with applicaion to second--order elliptic PDE (pdf)
  • Andrew Villadsen. The Galois anti-isomorphism (pdf)
  • Daping Weng. A categorical introduction to sheaves (pdf)
  • Michael Wong. An analytic approach to the theorems of Riemann-Roch and Abel (pdf)
  • Alec Zimmer. Stochastic calculus (pdf)


  • Peter Brown. Measure theory and the central limit theorem (pdf)
  • Peter Giles Hansen. Brownian motion and Hausdorff dimension (pdf)
  • Naftali Harris. Stochastic control (pdf)
  • Raphael Ho. Classification of group extensions and $H^2$ (pdf)
  • John Kopper. The theory of numbers in Dedekind rings (pdf)
  • Miranda Seitz-McLeese. Theorem number prime the: a backwards proof (pdf)
  • Salman Siddiqi. Lindstr\"om's theorem (pdf)
  • Peter Yanakiev. The uniformization theorem and universal covers (pdf)


  • Di Ai. Martingales and the abracadabra problem (pdf)
  • Ian Alevy. Expander graphs and property (T) (pdf)
  • Samuel Bryant. Differential topology and the Jordan Brouwer separation property (pdf)
  • Clive Chang. The continuum hypothesis and its relation to the Lusin set (pdf)
  • Bradley Cohn.The evolution of diversity in two-level selection (pdf)
  • Cassie Deskus. An introduction to the regularity lemma (pdf)
  • Matthew Dirks. The Stone representation theorem for Boolean algebras (pdf)
  • Samantha Dixon. Composite knot determinants (pdf)
  • Sam Dooley. Basic algebraic topology: the fundamental group of a circle (pdf)
  • Joshua Gensler. An application of the van Kampen theorem (pdf)
  • Thomas George. The classification of surfaces with boundary (pdf)
  • Eric Guan. Random walks in $\mathbb{Z}^n$ and the Dirichlet problem (pdf)
  • Nathan Hatch. Group theory: an introduction and an application (pdf)
  • Qizhen (Sally) He. Lie algebras and Lie brackets of Lie groups -- matrix groups (pdf)
  • Theodor Herwig. The $p$-adic completion of $\mathbb{Q}$ and Hensel's lemma (pdf)
  • Mitchell Hill. Approximating the random walk using the central limit theorem (pdf)
  • Sean Hogan. A gentle introduction to computational complexity theory, and a little bit more (pdf)
  • Zihao Jiang. Applications of number theory in cryptography (pdf)
  • Derek Johnston. An introduction to random walks (pdf)
  • David Kang. Group representations and character theory (pdf)
  • Zi Chong Kao. Classical mechanics: the three-body problem (pdf)
  • Edward Karabinus. Basic functional analysis with applications (pdf)
  • Ezra Karger. A $2$-adic extension of the Collatz function (pdf)
  • Vladislav A. Krokhmal. Introductory probability and the central limit theorem (pdf)
  • Geon Lee. Proving Szemer\"edi's regularity lemma (pdf)
  • Wesley Lee. Convergence of random series and Martingales (pdf)
  • Tony Lian. Fundamentals of Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory (pdf)
  • Joshua Lieber. Introduction to braid groups (pdf)
  • Haoru Liu. Elliptic curves and integer factorization (pdf)
  • Hannah Mark. Classifying subgroups of $SO_3$ (pdf)
  • Alexander Bertoloni Meli. Spectral equivalence classes of tori are finite (pdf)
  • Jennifer Momkus. Introductory group theory and Fermat's little theorem (pdf)
  • Peter J. Nebres. Renewal theory and its applications (pdf)
  • Shankara Pailoor. On the additive structure of $\mathbb{Q}_p$ and the nature of $P$-adic power series (pdf)
  • Luke Peeler. Metric spaces and the contraction mapping principle (pdf)
  • Ben Riffer-Reinert. The zeta function and its relation to the prime number theorem (pdf)
  • James Robertson. Waring's problem for $n=2$ (pdf)
  • Zachariah Sachs. Classification of the isometries of the upper half-plane (pdf) Chen Hui George Teo. Classification of surfaces (pdf)
  • Vrushank Vora. An introduction to underlying computational problems of public key cryptosystems (pdf)
  • Annie Wang. Lebesque measure and $L^2$ space (pdf)
  • Kairui Wang. Limits, colimits and how to calculate them in the category of modules over a P.I.D. (pdf)
  • Philip Wertheimer. How $n$ people can simulate a fair coin flip (pdf)
  • Botao Wu. Invariant probability distributions (pdf)