Basic Algebra II

Math 25500 - Section 51 (Winter 2017)

Eckhart 308

Instructor: Maxime Bergeron

Weekly homework

Should be typeset in LaTex

They are due at the beginning of class

Homework one (due on April 7)

Homework two (due on April 14)

Homework three (due on April 21)

Homework four (due on April 28)

Notes on linear dependence (by Jim Loveys)

Notes on linear transformations (by Jim Loveys)

Homework five (due on May 12)

Homework six (due on May 19)

Notes on Jordan Form (by Jim Loveys)

Homework seven (due on May 31)

If you have any questions

That may be useful for others

Use the Piazza message board

For other questions or concerns...

Office hours in Eckhart 332: TBA

mbergeron at math dot uchicago dot edu

In-class midterm:

Friday May the fifth

Your grade will be computed as the best of:

50% final exam + 30% midterm
+ 15% homework + 5% participation
or 100% final exam

Miscelaneous other stuff

Nothing required here

Tai's Model

Discussion of Tai's Model


Studying tip