Chicago Mathematics Alumnae Project
Chicago Mathematics Alumnae Project
This is an informal collection of data on women alums of the U of C math department at any level (undergrad, grad, and faculty) known to have continued at least one level further in academic math. The aim is to track academic placement patterns.
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Undergrad/Predoctoral Alumnae

who what, when grad school jobs
Anna Van Benschoten MA 1900 Cornell University (PhD), Algebraic geometry Wells College
Clara Latimer Bacon MA 1904 Johns Hopkins University (PhD), Elliptic functions Professor, Goucher College
Myrtie Collier BA 1911 Strasbourg (PhD) Immaculate Heart College
Antoinette Killen Huston BA 1913 U of C (PhD), Algebra Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Vera Pless BS/MS 1952 Northwestern University (PhD), Coding theory/Combinatorics Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Marjorie Senechal BS 1960 Illinois Institute of Technology (PhD), Functional equations Louise Wolff Kahn Professor, Smith College
Jane Gilman BS 1965 Columbia University (PhD), Hyperbolic geometry Distinguished Professor, Rutgers at Newark
Margaret Murray BS 1979 Yale University (PhD), Harmonic analysis Professor, Virginia Tech
Victoria Powers AB 1980 Cornell University (PhD), Computational algebraic geometry Associate Professor, Emory University
Katrina Barron AB (Physics) 1987 Rutgers University (PhD), Mathematical physics Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame
Susan Tolman BA 1988 Harvard University (PhD), Symplectic geometry Assistant Professor, University of Illinois
Emily Hamilton BA 1989 UCLA (PhD), Geometric topology Associate Professor, Emory University
Margaret Holen BA 1990 Oxford (MSc), Princeton (PhD), Mathematical physics
Zara Girnius BA 1990 UCLA (PhD), Group theory University of Cincinnati (postdoc)
Kristin Lauter BA 1990 University of Chicago (PhD), Cryptography/Algebraic geometry University of Michigan (postdoc), Microsoft Research
Jean Linhart BS 1990 University of Texas (PhD), Numerical analysis
Janet Cowden Vassilev BA 1991 UCLA (PhD), Commutative algebra Visiting Professor, University of Arkansas
Linda Green BS/MS 1990
(Schafer Prize)
Princeton (PhD), Three-dimensional topology MSRI (postdoc), disease modeling in industry
Carolyn Yackel BS 1992 University of Michigan (PhD), Commutative algebra Associate Professor, Mercer College
Sharon Kineke Brueggeman BS 1992 University of Illinois (PhD), Number theory OSU (postdoc), Assistant Prof., University of Tennessee--Chattanooga
Anna Gilbert BS 1993 Princeton University (PhD), Analysis Yale, AT&T Labs (postdocs), Assoc Prof, University of Michigan
Sarah Drucker Sword BS 1994 Michigan State University (PhD)
Laura Taalman BS 1994 Duke University (PhD), Algebraic geometry Professor, James Madison University
Leah Gold BS 1995 Cornell University (PhD), Computational commutative algebra Texas A&M (postdoc), Assoc Prof., Cleveland State University
Melinda Koelling BS 1995 University of Michigan (PhD), Applied math Assistant Professor, Western Michigan University
Jessica Millar Young BA 1995 MIT (PhD), Logic/Geometry Harvard, MIT, UIUC, UBC (postdocs)
Yuka (Yumemoto) Taylor BA 1997 Rutgers University (PhD), Symplectic geometry Assistant Professor, George Washington University
Rebecca (Virnig) Vessenes BS 2000 Caltech (PhD), Combinatorics Assistant Professor, Curry College
Amanda Folsom BS 2001 UCLA (PhD), Number theory University of Wisconsin (NSF postdoc), Asst Prof, Yale
Rena Quandt BS 2002 Rice (doctoral student)
Kate Gruher BS 2003
(Schafer prize)
Stanford University (NSF,PhD)
Emily Peters BS 2003 UC Berkeley (PhD) Univerity of New Hampshire, MIT (NSF postdoc)
Katie Liesinger BS 2004 UC Berkeley (doctoral student)
Catherine Pfaff BS 2004 Rutgers University (PhD), Geometric group theory Simon's Rock of Bard College
Vivian Tsui BS 2004 University of Waterloo (MMath)
Amanda Redlich BA 2005 MIT (PhD), Probability Rutgers (postdoc)
Anne Shiu BS 2005 UC Berkeley (PhD), Algebra / combinatorics / computational biology Duke, U of C (NSF postdoc)
Emily Witt BS 2005 University of Michigan (PhD), Commutative algebra University of Minnesota (postdoc)

Grad student alumnae

who what, when first job(s) now
Mary Sinclair PhD 1908, Calculus of variations Clark Professor, Oberlin College (deceased in 1955)
Anna Pell Wheeler PhD 1909, Functional analysis Professor, Bryn Mawr College (deceased in 1966)
Marion Ballantyne White PhD 1910, Calculus of variations University of Kansas (deceased in 1958)
Mildred Sanderson PhD 1913, Invariant theory University of Wisconsin (deceased in 1914)
Olive Hazlett PhD 1915, Algebra Mt Holyoke, University of Illinois (deceased in 1974)
Mary Evelyn Wells PhD 1915, Functional analysis Vassar College (deceased in 1965)
Gillie Aldah Larew PhD 1916, Calclulus of variations Randolph-Macon Women's College (deceased in 1977)
Pauline Sperry PhD 1916, Projective diff. geometry Smith College; Assoc. Prof., UC Berkeley (deceased in 1967)
Gladys Gibbens PhD 1920, Complex analysis University of Minnesota (deceased in 1983)
Claribel Kendall PhD 1921, Projective diff. geometry Professor, University of Colorado (deceased in 1965)
Mayme Logsdon BS 1912, PhD 1921, Linear algebra (tenured) Assoc Prof, U of C (1921-1946) (deceased in 1967)
Constance Ballantine PhD 1923, Algebra Instructor, NYU; Associate, University of Washington
Jewell Hughes Bushey PhD 1924, Calculus of variations Hunter College, University of Arkansas (deceased in 1989)
Marguerite Darkow PhD 1924, Algebra Instructor, Indiana University, Penn State; Professor, Hunter College
Mildred Hunt PhD 1924, Algebra Illinois Wesleyan University (deceased in 1975)
Echo Pepper PhD 1925, Algebra Oxford University (deceased in 1979)
Marion Stark PhD 1926, Calculus of variations Wellesley College (deceased in 1982)
Lois Griffiths PhD 1927, Algebra/Number theory Northwestern University (deceased in 1981)
May Beenken PhD 1928, Projective geometry State Teachers College of Oshkosh, WI; Assoc. Prof., Immaculate Heart College
Rosa Lea Jackson PhD 1928, Calculus of variations Instructor, Stanford University; Hunter College (deceased in 1967)
Marie Johnson Yeaton PhD 1928, Calculus of variations Oberlin College (deceased in 1978)
Aline Huke Frink PhD 1930, Calculus of variations Penn State (deceased in 2000)
Beatrice Liberty Hagen PhD 1930, Projective diff. geometry Fort Hays Kansas State College?; Penn State? (deceased in 1987)
Emily Chandler Pixley PhD 1931, Number theory Saint Xavier, Wayne State, University of Detroit (deceased in 2000)
Mina Rees PhD 1931, Algebra Hunter College; Professor, CUNY (deceased in 1997)
Ruth Mason Ballard PhD 1932, Number theory College of Holy Name, Illinois Institute of Technology (deceased in 1980)
Emma Olson PhD 1932, Projective geometry Kent State University
Julia Bower PhD 1933, Analysis Connecticut College (deceased in 1999)
Anna Stafford Henriques PhD 1933, Topology IAS; Professor, College of Santa Fe (deceased in 2004)
Abba Newton PhD 1933, Projective geometry Vassar College (deceased in 1996)
Frances Baker PhD 1934, Number theory Mt. Holyoke; Professor, Vassar College (deceased in 1995)
Antoinette Killen Huston BA 1913, PhD 1934, Algebra Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Marie Litzinger PhD 1934, Algebra Professor, Mt. Holyoke College (deceased in 1952)
M. Gweneth Humphreys PhD 1935, Number theory Mt. St. Scholastica; Professor, Randolph-Macon (deceased in 2006)
Mae Anderson PhD 1936, Number theory Concordia (deceased in 1948)
Evelyn Wiggin Casner PhD 1936, Calculus of variations Randolph-Macon (deceased in 1964)
Dora McFarland PhD 1936, Algebra University of Oklahoma (deceased in 1987)
Harriet Rees Bonner PhD 1937, Algebra University of Utah (deceased in 1978)
Fannie Boyce PhD 1938, Algebra Professor, Wheaton College (deceased in 1986)
Margaret Mauch PhD 1938, Number theory Randolph-Macon Women's College
Mary Haberzetle Turner PhD 1938, Number theory Mt. Holyoke College (deceased in 1983)
Mary Landers PhD 1939, Analysis Hunter College (deceased in 1990)
Adrienne Rayl PhD 1939, Analysis University of Alabama at Birmingham (deceased in 1989)
Ellen Stokes PhD 1939, Calculus of variatiions Coker College, New York State College of Teachers
Alice T. Schafer PhD 1942, Projective diff. geometry Conn College, Swarthmore, Michigan Gould Professor of Mathematics, Wellesley College (emerita)
Marie Wurster PhD 1946, Calculus of variations Temple University (emerita)
Flora Dinkines PhD 1951, Group theory (author of several mathematical texts)
Mary Weiss BA; PhD 1957, Analysis/Analytic number theory DePaul, Wash U, U of C, Stanford, Cambridge (NSF); Professor, UIC (deceased in 1966)
Cora Sadosky PhD 1965, Harmonic analysis/Operator theory Johns Hopkins, Central Univ. of Venezuela, Berkeley (various) Professor, Howard University
Susanna Epp PhD 1968, Commutative algebra Boston University, UIC Professor, DePaul University
Sister Miriam Cooney PhD 1969, Group theory National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
Pamela Ferguson PhD 1969, Group theory Professor, University of Miami, Grinnell College (deceased recently)
M. Susan Montgomery PhD 1969, Algebra DePaul University Professor, University of Southern California
Martha K. Smith PhD 1970, Algebra ? Professor, University of Texas
Judith Sally PhD 1971, Commutative algebra Rutgers University (postdoc) Professor, Northwestern University
Marie-Louise Michelsohn PhD 1974, Geometry/topology ? Professor, SUNY Stony Brook
Lillian Hupert PhD 1979, Algebra Associate Professor, Loyola University
Kathleen Edwards Lewis PhD 1980, Topos theory Assistant Professor, SUNY Oswego
Sonia Garcia PhD 1984, PDEs U of C, Universidade de Maringa, Universidade Federal do Parana (various) Associate Professor, US Naval Academy
Gail Letzter PhD 1987, Commutative algebra/Representation theory ? Virginia Tech ?
Fiona Murnaghan PhD 1987, Harmonic analysis/Representation theory ? Professor, University of Toronto
Diane Herrmann PhD 1988, Group theory U of C, Senior Lecturer
Alessandra Iozzi PhD 1989, Geometry UPenn, IAS, MSRI (postdocs), Maryland Basel/ETH-Zurich/Strasbourg
Irene Martinez-Gamba PhD 1989, Applied math Courant Institute (NSF postdoc) Professor, University of Texas
Tania Schmitt PhD 1990?, Numerical analysis Professor, Universidade de Brasilia
Panagiota Daskalopoulos PhD 1992, Analysis IAS, University of Minnesota (postdocs), UC Irvine Professor, Columbia University
Mary Pugh PhD 1993, Applied math University of Pennsylvania Associate Professor, University of Toronto
Jan Cheah PhD 1994, Algebraic geometry University of Utah (postdoc)
Nadine Kowalsky PhD 1994, Lie theory Institute for Advanced Study (postdoc) (deceased in 1996)
Sarah Witherspoon PhD 1994, Representation theory University of Toronto (postdoc) Professor, Texas A & M
Gigliola Staffilani PhD 1995, PDEs Stanford University Mauzé Professor, MIT
Caterina Consani PhD 1996, Arithmetic geometry MIT, Princeton (postdocs) Professor, Johns Hopkins University
Heather Johnston PhD 1996, Geometric topology Rutgers University (postdoc), Vassar College
Matilde Marcolli PhD 1997, Noncommutative geometry MIT (postdoc), Max Planck--Bonn Professor, Caltech
Maria Basterra PhD 1998, Homotopy theory UIUC (postdoc) Associate Professor, University of New Hampshire
Nadya Shirokova PhD 1998, Geometric topology UIUC (postdoc) Member, Max Planck Institute, Bonn
Jennifer Taback PhD 1998, Geometric group theory UC Berkeley (postdoc), SUNY Albany Professor, Bowdoin College
Eugenie Hunsicker PhD 1999, Geometry Lawrence University (tenure-track) Lecturer, Loughsborough University
Laura Scull PhD 1999, Homotopy theory University of Michigan (postdoc); Assistant Professor, UBC Fort Lewis College
Linda Chen PhD 2000, Algebraic geometry Columbia (postdoc); Assistant Professor, Ohio State Associate Professor, Swarthmore College
Rebecca Field PhD 2000, Algebra/Algebraic geometry UW Madison, UC Santa Cruz (postdocs), Bowdoin College Assistant Professor, James Madison University
Janine Wittwer PhD 2000, Analysis Williams College (tenure-track) Associate Professor, Westminster College
Barbara Csima PhD 2003, Logic Cornell University (postdoc) Associate Professor, University of Waterloo
Angela Barnhill PhD 2004, Geometric group theory the Ohio State University, Northwestern (postdocs) Lecturer, University of Michigan
Kariane Calta PhD 2004, Ergodic theory Cornell University (NSF postdoc), MSRI Associate Professor, Vassar College
Lay May Yeap PhD 2004, Applied math University of Arizona (postdoc)
Aliaa Barakat PhD 2005, Geometry Brandeis/MIT (NSF postdoc), MSRI
Pallavi Dani PhD 2005, Geometric group theory University of Oklahoma, Emory University (postdocs) Associate Professor, Louisiana State University
Moon Duchin PhD 2005, Geometric topology UC Davis, Michigan (postdocs), MSRI Assistant Professor, Tufts University
Rochelle Pereira PhD 2005, Algebraic topology College of St. Catherine (tenure-track)
Evelin Toumpakari PhD 2005, Applied math Columbia College Chicago (tenure-track)
Karin Melnick PhD 2006, Geometry Yale University (NSF postdoc) Associate Professor, University of Maryland
Alexandra Pettet PhD 2006, Geometric group theory Stanford, Michigan (postdocs), MSRI, Oxford Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia
Tullia Dymarz PhD 2007, Geometric group theory Yale, Orsay (postdocs), MSRI Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin
Sharon McCathern PhD 2007, Finite groups UIC (postdoc), Grove City College Assistant Professor, Azusa Pacific University
Courtney (Morris) Thatcher PhD 2007, Algebraic topology Assistant Professor, Penn State Altoona and Simon's Rock of Bard College
Kate Ponto PhD 2007, Homotopy theory Notre Dame (NSF postdoc) Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky
Anne Thomas PhD 2007, Geometric group theory Cornell, Oxford (postdocs), MSRI, University of Sydney Lecturer, University of Glasgow
Kacey Walker PhD 2007, Geometry Michigan (postdoc)
Elizabeth Csima PhD 2008, Representation theory UIUC (postdoc)University of Kentucky
Karen Lange PhD 2008, Logic Notre Dame (NSF postdoc) Assistant Professor, Wellesley College
Irine Peng PhD 2008, Geometry Indiana, Technion (postdocs), MSRI Assistant Professor, POSTECH, Korea
Elizabeth Townsend Beazley PhD 2009, Algebraic geometry Michigan (NSF postdoc), Williams College Assistant Professor, Haverford College
Hanna Bennett PhD 2009, Geometric group theory Michigan (postdoc) Lecturer, University of Texas
Emma Smith Zbarsky PhD 2009, Algebraic topology
Assistant Professor, Wentworth Institute of Technology
Eliana Zoque-Lopez PhD 2009, Representation theory UC Riverside (postdoc)
Rachel Epstein PhD 2010, Logic Harvard (postdoc), Swarthmore
Ariel Barton PhD 2010, PDE and Harmonic Analysis Purdue, Minnesota, Missouri (postdocs)
Anna Marie Bohmann PhD 2011, Algebraic topology Northwestern (postdoc)
Emily Riehl PhD 2011, Category theory Harvard (NSF postdoc)
Tu Tam Nguyen Phan PhD 2012, Geometric topology the Ohio State University (postdoc) Assistant Professor, Binghamton University
Emily Norton PhD 2012, Representation theory BC, Case Western, Kansas State (postdocs)

Faculty alumnae and current faculty

(also see Logsdon, Garcia, Herrmann, Weiss -- above)

who what, when subsequent job(s)
Wo-Sang Young Postdoc (mid 1970s), Harmonic analysis Associate Professor, University of Alberta
Rebecca Herb Postdoc (mid 1970s), Representation theory Professor, University of Maryland
Birgit Speh Postdoc (late 1970s), Representation theory Professor, Cornell University
Karen Uhlenbeck Professor (1983-1988), Analysis Sid W. Richardson Foundation Regents Chair, University of Texas
Jeanne Wald Kerr Postdoc (late 1970s/early 1980s), Noncommutative ring theory Professor, Michigan State University
Georgia Triantafillou Postdoc (late 1970s/early 1980s), Geometry/topology Professor, Temple University
Jeanne Duflot Postdoc (early 1980s), Algebraic topology/algebraic geometry Professor, Colorado State University
Jill Pipher Postdoc (mid 1980s), Analysis Professor, Brown University
Carolyn Dean Postdoc (late 1980s), Algebraic geometry Assistant Professor, Lecturer, University of Michigan
Christine Haught Postdoc (late 1980s), Mathematical logic Associate Professor, Loyola University
Susana Salamanca-Riba Postdoc (1987-89), Representation theory Associate Professor, University of New Mexico
Tatiana Toro Postdoc (1991-96), Analysis Professor, University of Washington
Andrea Bertozzi NSF Postdoc (1991-95), Analysis Professor, UCLA
Karen Chandler Postdoc (1992-95), Algebraic geometry Notre Dame; UC Riverside
Wieslawa Niziol Postdoc (1992-96), Algebraic geometry Professor, University of Utah
Elizabeth Jurisich Postdoc (1994-97), Lie theory Associate Professor, College of Charleston
Brooke Shipley NSF postdoc (1996-2000), Algebraic topology/Homological algebra Professor, UIC
Po Hu Postdoc (1998-2000), Asst. Prof. (2000-2002), Algebraic topology Associate Professor, Wayne State University
Sharon Hollander Postdoc (2001-04), Algebraic topology Hebrew University; CAMGSD (Portugal)
Eugenia Cheng Postdoc (2004-06), Category theory Lecturer, University of Sheffield
Laura DeMarco Assistant Professor, Complex dynamics Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Marta Lewicka Postdoc, Analysis Associate Professor, University of Minnesota
Nathalie Wahl Postdoc, Topology Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen
Chrysoula Tsogka Assistant Professor (2004-06), Applied math Associate Professor, University of Crete
Anna Wienhard Postdoc, Geometry Assistant Professor, Princeton
Carly Klivans Postdoc/Senior Lecturer, Combinatorics Research Scholar, Brown
Monica Visan Assistant Professor, Analysis Associate Professor, UCLA
Rina Anno Postdoc, Algebra and representation theory Visiting Professor, UMass Amherst