Division: PHYSICAL SCIENCES   Department: Mathematics

MATH 11200-20   Studies In Mathematics
Quarter: Fall 2002   Instructor: DUCHIN, MOON    Number Enrolled: 21

What were the instructors strong points?

Clear presentation of material: 8

Answers email really quickly

Enthusiastic: 6


Explains everything clearly: 5

Great analogies and examples

Amazing: 3

Always available for extra help: 5

Provided a lot of fun examples

Very approachable: 7

Encouraging: 3

Great gift for teaching



Loves what she does: 2

Concerned that we understood material: 2

Taught very well

Interesting lectures

Made me involved and want to learn and understand material

Made math fun and applied it to life: 2

Organized lectures: 2

Responsive to questions/concerns: 2

What were the instructors weak points?

Nothing: 9

Sometimes not responsive to students being confused

Sometimes went too fast: 2

Expected too much

Too much work: 3

Sometimes didnt explain thoroughly answers to questions

Would you recommend this instructor to others? Please Explain.

Yes: 17


Incredible teacher

Couldnt ask for more


Cares about us

Definitely: 9


What aspects of the course would you retain?

Format of lectures: 2


Projects: 3


Non-Euclidean geometry

Number theory: 2


Lots of cool>


Appreciation for beauty and joy of mathematics

Clear way of thinking

Instructor: 2

Playing with letters


Information taught

Everything: 3

What do you think should be changed?

Nothing: 6

Projects should be individual-based

The fact that we had to buy the second part of the text

The text

Less work

Split class into 2 quarters, or cover less material: 3

Tutorial was too long

Books could be incorporated into course work

Would you recommend this course to others? Why?

Yes: 17

Great instructor: 2

I love this class: 3

Great class, was fun: 4

Learned a lot

Interesting course

Challenging and has some very interesting aspects

Different take on mathematics than calculus

Course covered so many interesting concepts that involve mathematics: 3

Instructor was helpful>

One of the best math courses that Ive taken: 3

Course made me love math: 3

Emerged from class with a conviction that this field is fun, interesting: 3

Course showed me the beauty of math: 4

Teacher cares about students

Additional Comments

TA gave good review throughout sessions

TA was an effective tutor, very helpful: 17

TA talked a bit too fast

Very useful>

Homework was too long and too much: 2

Homework was challenging but not impossible

Sometimes I needed extra help on what the homework questions were actually asking

Homework was very difficult, took the material to a level that I never felt prepared for: 3

Homework was useful>

Instructor too great care to write homework

Homework strengthened my understanding of material and improved my skills

Text on number theory was challenging but helpful: 5

Text wasnt helpful: 14

Text was at times confusing to follow along: 5

Exams were exactly on the level the class was taught: 6 Exams were reasonable: 15

Exams expected students to be extremely competent with the material

Exams were a bit difficult: 3

Reasonable time commitment: 15

Tutorials were a bit long: 2

Too much material to cover with given time: 2

Not reasonable time commitment