Division: PHYSICAL SCIENCES   Department: Mathematics

MATH 15121-
Quarter: Fall 2001   Instructor: DUCHIN, MOON   

What were the instructor’s strong points?

Enthusiastic, accessible, understandable. Didn't have to memorize.

Accessible, clear lectures that were engaging and interesting. I enjoyed math class for the first time since third grade.

Accessible outside of class -- e-mail, office hours, extra problem sessions. Concerned about her students.

Allows students to ask questions. Makes sure material is understood.

Very interesting, good problem sessions.

Very patient. Constantly reiterated concepts for people who requested it.

Very accessible. Made hard concepts easy to understand.


Enthusiasm for subject. Willingness to help.

Moon is awesome! She is a very good teacher who is enthusiastic about the topic, and she tries very hard to help us.

Clearly loved the material. Eager to explain.

Good instructor. Passes on knowledge clearly.

Just about everything.

Worked hard with students.

Very accessible, helped a lot during office hours.

Made an effort to make everything clear and understandable.

Very smooth, coherent lectures.

Great, perfect.

Good teacher. Learned a lot.

Examples, help on difficult points.

Interesting lectures, very available and willing to help outside of class.

Enthusiastic. Made jokes that kept us awake. Gave optional problems for a challenge.

Solicited questions with alacrity. Explained concepts both arithmetically and geometrically.

What were the instructor’s weak points?

I dislike being formal and rigorous.

Sometimes assumed we knew something, and effectively destroyed our understanding of her explanations.

Could have better relationship with students.

She seemed to get frustrated because she had to re-explain elementary concepts several times.

Sometimes she moved faster than some students could keep up with.

Although I've studied for the exams, I didn't do well. Exams are very difficult.

She's too good at math! Things that seem obvious to her aren't always so. Abstracts things a lot.

The fast prep material usually scares the hell out of us.

Unnecessarily tense at points.

Math as a subject is boring and so I really cannot blame the instructor if the lesson is boring.

Tests were very far from homework.

Sometimes difficult to understand in class.

Tests were very difficult.

None. She teaches superbly.

Grading policy was unclear. No way of knowing grade until end of quarter.

Conciseness, fitting everything in.

Would you recommend this instructor to others? Please Explain.

Yes: 23

Gives help to those who need it, especially when they want to understand.

Math is an easy subject for a teacher to botch, so Moon is a lucky find.

Very understandable and overall great for anyone.

If the student wants to learn, she makes sure they learn it perfectly.

She's really approachable. I admire her geometer spunk.

She makes the class interesting and easy while still teaching difficult concepts.

Lessons were easy to understand.

She's not cruel.

Understandable lectures.

Well taught, interesting course.

Very helpful.

The helpful attitude is worth a lot.

Good pace.

She doesn't give an overwhelming amount of homework and I know students like her.

What aspects of the course would you retain?

Seems pretty comprehensive. A good curriculum.

All: 7

Most everything.



The instructor.

All but proofs.

The econ part.

Basic understanding of calculus.

What do you think should be changed?

Problem sessions should have focused more on current homework rather than previous.

More supplements for proofs.

Possibly the text.

Different text.

Needs more proof practice.


The exams.

No more delta - epsilon proofs. Allow calculators.

Tests should follow homework more.

Why, oh why do we have proofs?

Perhaps taking more time on proofs.

More emphasis on other styles of proof, not just delta - epsilon.

Would you recommend this course to others? Why?

Yes: 24

It's enlightening and fun!

It's good stuff that one should learn about math.

The instructor is very interesting.

This course has significantly amplified my mathematical ability.

It's challenging, but not too difficult.

Fulfills requirement with both numbers and proofs.

Great teacher.

Good course to fulfill core requirement.

Good compromise between 130's and 160's.

Teacher cares about how well material is understood.

Delves into the intuitive meaning behind the proofs.

Math is fun. Nice respite from the humanities.