Division: PHYSICAL SCIENCES   Department: Mathematics

MATH 15221-
Quarter: Winter 2002   Instructor: DUCHIN, MOON   

What were the instructor’s strong points?

She obviously enjoyed what she was doing and tried to make it accessible in theory and outside applications.

She was very energetic and kept trying to get us interested in math.

Extremely knowledgeable and shows extreme interest in the subject. Interesting lectures on a boring subject. Good control of class.

She knows her subject very well and really tries hard to make it interesting for those who won’t be math majors. She makes sure that you understand it.

Lectures were understandable, teaches well

Readily available outside of class, very welcoming, able to explain calculus clearly.

Gave good solid examples for all she taught.

Moon is a great lecturer and really tries to help us understand this material. Very friendly and kind, as well.

Very interested in helping her students love math, attentive, clear, interesting, demanding

Lectures, very interesting. I felt like she really cared about math and her students. Very enthusiastic.

Outstanding lecturer, captivated my attention, I’m a non-math person, obviously really passionate about math.

Staying energized while giving lectures.

Very helpful outside of class—she was great!

Strong command of subject, available outside or class, genuine interest in students and learning.

Clear, organized, intellectually rigorous, proved theorems, motivated us to study higher math. Showed interesting applications of math/calc, drastically changed my attitude towards math, accessible, thoughtful, great teacher.

I think she is really interested in what she’s teaching and spends a lot of time researching stuff to make it interesting for us.

Very enthusiastic, clear, rigorous. Understandable, yet challenging.

Gave very interesting classes and was very enthusiastic, obviously went beyond the basic course material.

Very thoughtful and energetic, interested in both the subject matter and her students.

Very willing to work one-on-one, outside of class, at the level you are starting out, in order to get you up to the level of the class.

Moon was always very passionate about teaching not only fundamental and theoretical calculus but also numerous applications. She is one of the best math teachers/instructors I’ve learned from.

Related everything she taught to our interests, concentrations, nature, etc. Showed calculus is truly everywhere, and made me appreciate its wonders. I mean it.

Moon is an engaging teacher, she is amicable, she encourages questions, she teaches both arithmetically and geometrically and she challenges her students to really grasp the material.

Moon’s awesome. She’s enthusiastic and committed.

Great overall, she was enthusiastic, well-organized, and clear.

She was able to take very complex subject matter and make it understandable and interesting.

Really interesting and clear.

What were the instructor’s weak points?

The course was a little fast.

The level of work (homework, quiz, extra credit) was at times outranging the normal (average) level of a calc. II class.

Exams too hard and the homework problems also.

Test questions were sometimes a jump up a little too high from practice problems.

Went really fast sometimes.

Sometimes her lectures are confusing—it can be a challenge to keep up with her and understand.

Not enough answer sheets.

I felt like the homework sometimes referred to stuff we hadn’t learned yet but would learn after turning in the work.

Sometimes she seemed to lose her patience when too many questions were asked.

Sometimes she was unnecessarily curt.

Sometimes I didn’t understand in class—yet she was always available.

She isn’t teaching 150s this spring. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth over here…

Sometimes went too fast in showing us a proof or something. She did ask if we all understood, but we were “soaking it all in” still.

She thinks everyone’s a genius (only b/c she is) so class is really hard.

Tests sometimes were much harder than homework.

It seems she sometimes lost patience with us too quickly when we had problems comprehending something.

Exams were tough.

Would you recommend this instructor to others? Please Explain.

Yes, she’s a thorough, accessible teacher.

Yes, she does as much as she can to make sure you understand the material.


Yes, if they are not here to take it easy but actually are excited and willing to learn calc.

Neutral—she teaches well, but I don’t think in order for us to learn the concepts well, isn’t necessary to make the exams as hard.

Yes, I would recommend Moon enthusiastically to others b/c she is overall a great Calculus teacher.

Yes, particularly if you are interested in Math. She’s a demanding teacher.

Yes, I enjoyed class.

Depends on what the person is looking for in a teacher.

Yes, she is very good.

Yes, absolutely one of the best classes I have taken. More interesting than my concentration!

Yes, see above. Also, able to work with people of all levels—patient and clear in explanations, able to interest people who excel in math.

Yes, you definitely learn the concepts of calculus and beyond.

Yes, she is easy to relate to, enthusiastic, receptive to feedback, and very cool.

Yes, she will make you love calculus. It’s not an easy class, but to be taught by a teacher who is really excited about calculus and teaches well is rare.

Yes, her lecture presentation skills are unsurpassed, she is very helpful, and she challenges you to really understand the material.

Yes, just great.

Yes, good teacher, very dedicated.

What aspects of the course would you retain?

General math knowledge.

Everything, as they are needed for my concentration.

Calculus knowledge.


Perhaps the econ application.

Keep mostly the same.

Everything was fantastic.

Certain applications—not how to do them but how they are related.

The proofs--3

Hopefully all. Especially log and e, integrals, mean value theorem.

The applications and some of the theory behind concepts.

The conceptual stuff, some of the useful computational tools.

Problem solving skills, how to look at the single mathematical idea in multiple ways.

Many of the unusual math examples given.

A sense of proofs, weird applications of Math.

Her lectures and teaching style were great.

What do you think should be changed?

The 150’s sequence is too close to high school—nothing new is reached in the first 2 quarters.

Same amount of homework but in higher frequency.

I believe it’s fine the way it is.


I am still not sure how I will use this class for anything other than to satisfy core requirement.

More conceptual homework.

I think the course was great, I can’t think of anything that should be changed.

Make it a bit easier.

Not much.

Allow instructor more direction in the order they present tops (e.g. let e and ln be introduced earlier)

The book.

A more helpful book would be extremely useful.

Tests were very hard.

Would you recommend this course to others? Why?

No, too similar to other courses.

Yes, it’s not too hard, but still challenging.


Yes, b/c it’s necessary for the knowledge of calculus.

Yes, provides a very good level of calculus, challenging but not overwhelming.

Not the hell I imagine 160’s could be, and Moon is also a very good teacher overall.

Yes, good to know math.

Yes, a math class rests on the instructor—a bad instructor can easily demolish one’s interest in the subject—so I’d recommend the class with Moon as the instructor. I’d be afraid of taking it with anyone else.

It depends—it is very interesting but very hard.

Yes, Duchin makes math seem like something other than numbers and computations. Math is everything but.

Yes, interesting material.

Yes, instructor is very interesting and seems to know a lot about not only math, but also other fields in which math is used.

Yes, because Moon Duchin is a phenomenal teacher!

Yes, calculus is awesome, just better than Chem.

Yes, for reasons mentioned before. She will teach anyone well. She will go out of her way to explain things. I feel very comfortable emailing her, coming to office hours, etc..

Yes, one’s math skills are seriously challenged and sharpened.

Yes, as a Calculus course, this one was surprisingly not dull.

Yes, it is excellent for truly understanding mathematics conceptually while still learning some useful computational applications.