Previous CAMP Seminars

Fall 1994

Oct 21
Bill Kath, Northwestern
"Phase-sensitive amplification of pulses in nonlinear optical fibers"
Oct 28
Ed Ott, Maryland
"Riddled Basins of Attraction: Inevitable Uncertainties in Outcomes of Experiments"
Nov 4
Gene Wayne, Penn State
"An Introduction to Infinite Dimensional KAM Theory"
Nov 11
Michael Tabor, Arizona
"The dynamics of twist and writhe and the modeling of bacterial fibers"
Nov 18
Edriss Titi, UC Irvine
"On the accuracy of the nonlinear Galerkin method"
Nov 25
Happy Thanksgiving!
(no seminar this week)
Dec 2
Brian Farrell
"A non-normal stochastic theory for turbulence in shear flow"

Winter 1995

Jan 6
Tom Ilmanen, University of Wisconsin, Madison
"The strong maximum principle for stable minimal hypersurfaces"
Jan 13
Samuel Vainshtein, University of Chicago
"Once again about the length of the coast of England: on multifractal level sets"
Jan 20
Norman Lebovitz, University of Chicago
"Parametric instabilities in inviscid fluid dynamics"
Jan 27
Tom Witelski, Caltech
"Stopping and merging problems for the porous media equation"
Feb 3
Mary Silber, Northwestern University
"Heteroclinic Cycles and Networks in Symmetric, Pattern-Forming Systems"
Feb 10
Jack Cowan, University of Chicago
"Geometric visual hallucinations: what they tell us about visual cortex circuitry"
Feb 17
Akiva Yaglom, MIT
"Influence of large-scale structures on boundary-layer turbulence characteristics"

Spring 1995

April 3
Klaus Obermeyer, University of Bielefeld
"Models for the development of neural projections, orientation selectivity and eye-dominance in the visual cortex"
April 14
Michael Brenner, University of Chicago
"Preliminary ideas on the dynamics of vibrating membranes"
April 20
Sergiu Klainerman, Princeton University
"On the regularity properties of nonlinear wave equations"
April 28
Mary Pugh, Institute for Advanced Study
"Thin film dynamics and the fourth-order degenerate parabolic equations that model them"
May 1
Douglas Arnold, Pennsylvania State University
"A multigrid adaptive finite element code for the initial data problem for colliding black holes"
May 5
  1. Joel Smoller, University of Michigan
    "Shock waves in general relativity and applications in stellar dynamics"
  2. Peter Smereka, University of Michigan
    "Level set methods for interface problems"
May 12
Howard Stone, Harvard University
"Fluid and protein motion in monomolecular and bilayer films overlying sublayers of finite depth"
May 19
Leo Van Hemmen, Technical University of Munich
"Spontaneous collective excitations in the visual cortex: stripes, spirals, rings, and collective bursts"
May 26
Gena Bisnovatyi-Kogan, Space Research Institute, Moscow
"Analytical modeling of equilibrium and stability of galaxies in pairs with tidal forces"

Fall 1995

October 6
Samuel Vainshtein, University of Chicago
"The Stretch-Twist-Fold magnetic fractals: First numerical simulations"
October 13
Norman Lebovitz, University of Chicago
"Slow evolution in dynamical systems"
October 20, Zygmund lecture: 4 PM, Ryerson 251
Ronald Coifman, Yale University
"Time-frequency analysis, local trigonometric bases, wavelets and signal processing"
October 27
Ovidiu Costin, University of Chicago
"Asymptotics beyond all orders and generalized Borel summation for analytic systems of ODE's"
November 3
L. Mahadevan, University of Chicago
"Colliding pulses: Preservation or annihilation?"
November 10, LASR Conference Room, 4 PM
Ronald Sagdeev, University of Maryland
"How chaotic is chaos?"
Thursday, November 16, 4:30 PM, Eckhart 312
Alan Lapedes, Los Alamos National Laboratory
"Neural net derived protein potentials and sequence design"
December 1
Robert Almgren, University of Chicago
"Diffuse-interface methods for solidification modeling"
December 8
Greg Huber, University of Chicago
"Domain walls in spiral waves"

Winter 1996

Friday, January 19, 4:30 PM
Qing Han, University of Notre Dame
"A free-interface variational problem and its gradient flow"
Friday, January 26, 2:30 PM
Charles Doering, Los Alamos National Laboratory
"Convection, stability, and turbulence"
January 30, 12 PM in Barn
Victor Yudovich, University of Rostov-on-Don
"Hopf bifurcation in dynamical systems with cosymmetry"
Friday, February 2, 4:30 PM
David Eyre, University of Utah
"The Cahn-Hilliard equations for multicomponent alloys"
Friday, February 9, 4:30 PM
Edgar Knobloch, University of California at Berkeley
"Travelling wave convection in finite containers"
February 13
Sergei Kuksin, visiting University of Arizona from Steklov Institute
"Oscillations of solutions of nonlinear Schrödinger and Ginzburg-Landau equations"
February 20
Alexander Mahalov, Arizona State University
"Integrability and global regularity of 3D Euler and Navier-Stokes equations for uniformly rotating fluids"
February 27
Mary Pugh, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Thin jets with surface tension"
March 5
Peter Howell, Northwestern University
"Models for thin viscous sheets"
Friday, March 8, 4:30 PM in Ryerson 358
Alexander Lifschitz, University of Illinois at Chicago
"Transonic magnetohydrodynamic flows"
March 12
Robert Maier, University of Arizona
"Exit location distributions and the geometric theory of diffraction"

Spring 1996

March 26
Panagiotis Souganidis, University of Wisconsin at Madison
"Stochastic Ising models and moving fronts"
March 28 (Thursday), 4 PM in Barn (Chicago PDE Colloquium)
Andrew Majda, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
"Turbulent reaction diffusion equations"
April 2
Mete Soner, Carnegie Mellon University
"Asymptotic theory of Ginzburg-Landau systems"
April 9
Tom Ilmanen, Northwestern University
"Singularities in evolution of surfaces by mean curvature"
April 12, 15, and 16
Martin Kruskal, Rutgers University
Charles Amick Lectures
April 23
Yves Pomeau, University of Arizona and École Normale Supérieure
"Vortex emission in a deterministic model of superfluid"
April 30
John Lowengrub, University of Minnesota
"Cahn-Hilliard hydrodynamics"
May 7
Andrew Bernoff, Northwestern University
"Stability and bifurcation of self-similar blow-up and blow-down"
May 14
Yannis Kevrekidis, Princeton University
"Catalytic pattern formation on microdesigned surfaces: Experiments and computations"
May 21
Gui-Qiang Chen, Northwestern University
"Shock capturing, compensated compactness, and transonic flow problems"
May 28
Ovidiu Costin, University of Chicago
"Summation of divergent series and exponential asymptotics of differential systems"
June 3, 3 PM in Eckhart 206 (Special extra seminar!)
Julian Cole, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
"Barenblatt's filtration equation"
June 4
Fabian Waleffe, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"A self-sustaining process in shear flows"
June 11
Anatoly Neishtadt, Moscow Space Research Institute
"Streamline chaos in an example of confined Stokes flow"

Fall 1996

October 1
Michael Weinstein, University of Michigan
"Resonances and radiation damping in Hamiltonian systems"
October 8
Darryl Holm, Los Alamos National Laboratory
"Hamilton's Principle Asymptotics and semigeostrophy"
October 15
Jeremey Quastel, University of California, Davis
"Lattice gases, large deviations, and the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations"
October 22
Saleh Tanveer, Ohio State University, visiting Chicago for the year
"Exact solutions for nonlinear time-evolving highly viscous flows"
October 29
Shouhong Wang, Indiana University
"Some mathematical issues of ocean dynamics"
November 5
Gene Wayne, Pennsylvania State University
"Invariant manifolds for partial differential equations on unbounded domains"
November 12
Alexandre Chorin, University of California, Berkeley
Chicago-Area Applied Mathematics Consortium
4:30 PM, Eckhart 202
"Scaling, statistics and small-viscosity asymptotics in turbulence"
November 19
Paul Fife, University of Utah
"Solute trapping in the phase field context"
November 26
Nicholas Alikakos, University of Tennesee
"Motion by surface tension"
December 3
Edriss Titi, University of California, Irvine
"Postprocessing the Galerkin method: A novel approach to approximate inertial manifolds"

Winter 1997

January 7
David Levermore, University of Arizona
"Globally well-posed shallow-water equations"
January 14
Peter Sternberg, Indiana University
"New Poincaré inequalities related to phase boundaries and least area problems"
January 21
Leonid Ryzhik, Stanford University
"Radiative transport and the Wigner distribution"
January 28
Andrei Lyashenko, visiting University of Illinois at Chicago
"Instability in the limit of vanishing viscosity"
February 4
Peter Bates, Brigham Young University
"Traveling waves for nonlocal or higher order Allen-Cahn equations"
February 11
Alain Schenkel, University of Chicago
"Long-time behaviour of solutions in a reaction-diffusion system"
February 25
Keith Promislow, Simon Fraser University
"Renormalization group methods and universal decay in nonlocally damped wave equations"
March 4
due to sudden illness of speaker
March 11
James Akao, Courant Insitute of Mathematical Sciences
"Random walk methods for quantum chemistry"
March 18
Andrei Fursikov, Moscow State University
"Exact controllability, turbulence suppression and reversibility problem for fluid flows"

Spring 1997

April 1
Anthony Bloch, University of Michigan
"The dispersionless limit of the Toda lattice equations"
April 8
Xinfu Chen, University of Pittsburgh
"A volume-preserving surface-area-decreasing geometric motion"
April 15
Weinan E, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
"Invariant measures for the stochastic Burgers equation"
April 22
Maria-Carme Calderer, Pennsylvania State University
"On the role of nonconvexity in modeling defect structures in nematic liquid crystal flow"
April 25, 28, 29: Charles Amick Lectures
Paul Roberts, University of California at Los Angeles
"Simulation of the Earth's magnetic field"
May 6
Andrea Bertozzi, Duke University
"The mathematics of moving contact lines in thin liquid films"
May 13
Jean-Pierre Eckmann, University of Geneva
"Nonlinear stability analysis of the Swift-Hohenberg equation"
May 20
Russel Caflisch, UCLA
"Continuum models for epitaxial crystal growth"
May 27
Yuan Lou, University of Chicago
"Diffusion vs. cross-diffusion"
June 3
Misha Vishik, University of Texas at Austin
"Hydrodynamics in Besov spaces"

Autumn 1997

October 8
Shankar Venkataramani, University of Chicago
``Chemotaxis: Attraction, diffusion and collapse''
October 15
Anatoly Neishtadt, Moscow
``Stability islands in the problem on passage through a separatrix''
October 22
Seminar cancelled
October 29
Qing Nie, University of Chicago
``Interface dynamics in microstructure evolution''
November 5
Susan Friedlander, University of Illinois at Chicago
``Nonlinear instability in fluid motion''
November 12
Alexei Fridman, Institute of Astronomy RAS, Moscow
``On the possibility of 2D dynamical chaos in astrophysical disks''
November 19
Edward Spiegel, Columbia University
``The Bifurcation of Species''
November 26
Bruce Ayati, University of Chicago
``BuGS for Parabolic Problems''
December 3
Frank Merle, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris
``Recent progress on blow-up solution of the Zakharov equation''
December 10
Charles R. Doering, University of Michigan
``Bounds for heat transport in a porous layer''

Winter 1998

January 7
Kevin Zumbrun, Indiana University
``Pointwise semigroup methods for stability of viscous shock waves''
January 14
Karl Glasner, University of Chicago
``Dual Fronts in a Phase Field Model''
January 21
Laurette Tuckerman, LIMSI, Orsay
``Exponential Propagation: an Explicit but Unconditionally Stable Time Integration Scheme''
January 28
Gunter Stolz, University of Alabama at Birmingham
``Electron Localization in Disordered Media''
February 4
Alexander Kiselev, University of Chicago
``Solutions, spectrum and dynamics of Schrödinger operators''
February 11
Jerry Bona, University of Texas at Austin
``Decay of Nonlinear, Dispersive Waves''
February 18
Christopher Jones, Brown University
``Lagrangian Transport in Mesoscale Ocean Structures''
February 25
John Lowengrub, University of Minnesota
``Topological Transitions in Liquid/Liquid Interfacial Flows''
March 4
Nigel Goldenfeld, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
``Renormalization Group Approach to Global Asymptotic Analysis''
March 11
Xuefeng Wang, Tulane University
``Qualitative Behavior of Solutions of a Chemotactic Diffusion System''
March 18
Chicago-Area Applied Mathematics Consortium,
at the University of Chicago, 4:00 PM, Eckhart 202.

Tai-Ping Liu, Stanford University
``Quasilinear hyperbolic-parabolic partial differential equations, recent progresses and new challenges''
March 25
Mark Mineev, Los Alamos National Laboratory
``Selection of the Saffman-Taylor Finger Width in the Absence of Surface Tension: an Exact Result''

Spring 1998

April 1
Vladimir E. Zakharov, Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Moscow
``Idiosyncrasy of nonlinear interaction of gravity waves on shallow water''
April 8
Marshall Slemrod, University of Wisconsin at Madison
``Remarks on the Chapman Enskog Expansion''
April 15
Michael Shelley, Courant Institute
``Models of Neuronal Activity in the Visual Cortex''
April 22
Rustum Choksi, Simon Fraser University
``Scaling Laws for the Minimum Energy and Domain Branching in Magnetic Materials''
April 29
Peter Smereka, University of Michigan
``Bubbly Flows, Globally Coupled Oscillators, and Landau Damping''
May 6
Alan R. Bishop, Los Alamos National Laboratory
``Modeling Multiscale Nonequilibrium Phenomena in Condensed Matter and Material Science''
May 6 Additional seminar:

Charles Doering, University of Michigan
``Bounds for heat transport in a porous layer''
May 13
Robert H. Kraichnan, Los Alamos National Laboratory
``Burgers turbulence''
May 20 Cancelled
May 27
Mary F. Wheeler, University of Texas at Austin
``Mortar Mixed Finite Element Approximations for Elliptic and Parabolic Equations''
June 3
Ovidiu Costin, University of Chicago
``Exponential asymptotics and applications to differential systems''
June 10
Kenneth Saldanha, University of Chicago
``Nonlinear outcome of elliptic instabilities''

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