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Hello! I am a sixth year graduate student in the University of Chicago's Department of Mathematics. My advisor is Frank Calegari. I work in algebraic number theory, with a focus on Galois representations and Galois cohomology.

I use he and its derivative pronouns.

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mail Department of Mathematics
University of Chicago
5734 S. University Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637
office E 110 A, Eckhart Hall



Partial weight one Hilbert modular forms in ordinary families

This article in preparation will contain the main results of my thesis. My advisor wrote a blog post about my results if you'd like to read about this project. If you're excited about this you can email me for a pre-preprint.

Class groups of Kummer extensions via cup products in Galois cohomology

[pdf][arXiv][journal] Joint work with Karl Schaefer. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society (2019). My advisor wrote a blog post about our work. We wrote some sage programs to gather large amounts of data on the class groups and p-th power congruences we study, which you can find on this github page.


University of Chicago

Canada/USA Mathcamp

I've been very fortunate to spend the past few summers teaching at Canada/USA Mathcamp. Mathcamp is a 5-week residential summer camp in mathematics for high school students from across the world. See below for a list of Mathcamp classes I've taught. If you're interested in seeing notes or homeworks from any of these classes please email me!

Summer 2020, at our Virtual Mathcampus:

Summer 2019, at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon:


Spring 2018: classic papers in number theory. [webpage]

Winter 2018: Iwasawa theory. [pdf]