Geometry/Topology Seminar

Thursdays at 3:00PM, in 308 Eckhart.

Autumn 2002

October 3,
Mike Davis, Ohio State University visiting U. Chicago
L² homology of Coxeter groups and buildings

October 10,
Roman Muchnik, U. Chicago
Semigroup actions on Tn

October 17,
Jeff Brock, U. Chicago
The classification of Weil-Petersson geodesics in T1,1

October 24,
Yair Glasner, University of Illinois at Chicago
On the construction of lattices acting on products of trees

October 31,
Igor Rivin, Temple University
(Unreasonable) Convexity in Geometry

November 7,
Martin Schmoll, Pennsylvania State University
Some SL(2,R) invariant subspaces in moduli spaces of translation surfaces

November 14,
Saul Schleimer, University of Illinois at Chicago
Heegaard splittings vs. surface bundles

November 19, (special day)
Dimitry Dolgopyat, University of Maryland
Stable ergodicity of random rotations

November 21,
Alexander I. Bufetov, Princeton University
Interval exchange transformations and the Teichmueller Flow

November 25, (special day) 1:30-2:50 Ryerson 358
Paul Seidel, Imperial College
Homological mirror symmetry and the quartic surface

November 28,
Thanksgiving Holiday, USA
No seminar due to excessive turkey consumption

December 5,
Mladen Bestvina, University of Utah
Measured laminations and group theory

December 11, (special day) 1:30-2:50 Ryerson 358
Sean Cleary, City College of CUNY
An introduction to Thompson's group F and its metric properties

December 12, Eckhart 206 (special room!)
Jennifer Taback, SUNY University at Albany and Bowdoin College
Thompson's group F is not almost convex

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