Recent papers of Spencer Bloch

  1. Lectures on Mixed Motives (given in Santa Cruz, 1995) dvi or ps
  2. The Character of the Infinite Wedge Representation (with A. Okounkov) dvi or ps
  3. Riemann-Roch theorem for flat bundles, with values in the algebraic Chern-Simons theory (with H. Esnault) dvi or ps
  4. Lectures on Algebro-Geometric Chern-Weil and Cheeger-Chern-Simons Theory for Vector Bundles (with H. Esnault) dvi or ps
  5. Gauss-Manin Connections for Rank 1 Irregular Connections on Curves (with H. Esnault) dvi or ps
  6. Relative Algebraic Differential Characters (with H. Esnault) dvi or ps
  7. Gau\ss-Manin Determinant Connections and Periods for Irregular Connections (with H. Esnault) dvi or ps
  8. A Formula for Gau\ss-Manin Determinants (with H. Esnault) dvi or ps
  9. Homology for Irregular Connections (with H. Esnault) ps
  10. Enriched Hodge Structures (with V. Srinivas) dvi or ps
  11. Crystals and de Rham-Witt Connections dvi or ps
  12. An Additive Version of Higher Chow Groups (with H. Esnault)dvi or ps or pdf
  13. Epsilon Factors for Gauss-Manin Determinants (with A. Beilinson and H. Esnault) dvi or ps
  14. The Additive Dilogarithm (with H. Esnault) dvi or ps or pdf
  15. Congruences for the number of rational points, Hodge type and motivic conjectures for Fano varieties (with H. Esnault) dvi or ps
  16. Decomposition of the diagonal and eigenvalues of frobenius for Fano hypersurfaces (with H. Esnault and M. Levine) dvi or ps
  17. Local Fourier Transforms and Rigidity for D-Modules (with H. Esnault) dvi or ps
  18. Some notes on elementary properties of higher chow groups, including functoriality properties and cubical chow groups (not for publication) dvi or pdf
  19. K\"unneth Projectors and Correspondences for Open Varieties (with H. Esnault) dvi or pdf
  20. On motives associated to graph polynomials (with H. Esnault and D. Kreimer) pdf
  21. On Witt Vector Cohomology for Singular Varieties (with P. Berthelot and H. Esnault) pdf
  22. Addendum to my lectures on the paper of Deligne and Goncharov on mixed Tate motives pdf
  23. manuscript on motive of birational cover of graph hypersurface given by projectivized nullspace of symmetric matrix. pdf
  24. Transparencies for talk on Feynman graphs and motives, IHES, March, 2006. dvi or pdf
  25. Transparencies for 2 talks on Feynman graphs and motives, IHES, June, 2006. dvi or pdf
  26. Report on additive chow groups, Lecture Oberwolfach, July, 2006. dvi or pdf
  27. Motives Associated to Graphs, Takagi Lectures, Kyoto, November, 2006. pdf
  28. Mixed Hodge Structures and Renormalization in Physics (with D. Kreimer) pdf
  29. Motives Associated to Graph Sums pdf
  30. Feynman amplitudes and Landau singularities for 1-loop graphs (with D. Kreimer) pdf
  31. Transparencies for talk on Motivic Cohomology, IHES Conference in honor of Grothendieck, January 2009. pdf
  32. Transparencies for talk on Graph hypersurfaces, IHES Conference on polylogarithms and physics, June 2009. pdf
  33. p-adic Deformation of Algebraic Cycle Classes (with H. Esnault and M. Kerz) pdf
  34. Notes on twistor integrals pdf
  35. Holonomic Rank Problem (with Huang, Lian, Yau, Srinivas) pdf
  36. Lectures on Twistors (Bingen, March 2013) pdf
  37. proof of Patterson's thm. (letter to F. Brown) pdf
  38. The elliptic Dilogarithm for the Sunset Graph (with Pierre Vanhove) pdf
  39. Albert lectures on algebraic cycles 1 pdf
  40. Albert lectures 2; Periods associated to cycles pdf
  41. Albert lectures 3; Deformations of Hodge classes pdf
  42. A Feynman Integral via Higher Normal Functions (with Matt Kerr and Pierre Vanhove) pdf
  43. Feynman Amplitudes in Mathematics and Physics, (lectures at CMI conference at ICMAT, Madrid, Spain, August 2014) pdf
  44. Motivic Gamma Functions, (3 lectures, Brandeis U. November 2018) pdf
  45. Gamma Functions, Monodromy, and Ap\'ery Constants (with Masha Vlasenko) pdf
  46. Letter to Vlasenko on deforming local exponents pdf